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Getting to Grips with Excel

January 20, 2014

This week I wanted to tell you about a little problem we had here at The Tech Lounge and how we found a great resource that we have fallen in love with that helped us get around it in no time at all. 

It all started out when a customer sent us a spreadsheet. Thespreadsheet had a lot of information in it and on the whole was very well arranged. The only problem was the names contained within it were contained within a single cell.We needed all the names in First Name, Surname format and with over 500 records really didn't fancy manually splitting out every single name. 

So I reached out to a friend of mine by the name of Mike Thomas who responded telling me all about a new website he had setup to help people get to grips with Excel and directed me to a step step walkthrough that enabled us to quickly split the names out as we needed. Well I wanted to share this great resource with you all, and help you get more from your spreadsheets.The site is called The Excel Trainer and provides a wealth of free tutorials that really help you get more from Excel. Mike has also provided a number of great video tutorials that make it even easier to achieve great results in no time at all.

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