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How to resize an image easily.

February 10, 2014

Making your images fit isn't always easy.

Quite a few of you noticed that my photo in the last newsletter looked a little squashed. Now I would love to try and convince you that this was the result of a rapid diet butI know you're smarter than that.So I'll come clean and admit it was a huge oversight on my part and offer my apologies.I'm sure I'm not alone in making this type of mistake however and it got me thinking about this weeks tip. How to resize an image quickly and easily. 

How many time have you been working on a document, email or newsletter (cough) and thought this would look better with an image. More than once I'd bet.So you find the perfect image and drop it in only to find it's a little tall or a little wide or just doesn't look quite right. No problem you think, I'll just resize it.Now if the image is of equal proportions then this may not be much of an issue, depending on the subject matter of course. If however your image is like the one above, which is obviously taller than it is wide. Resizing the image in this way can have less than desirable results.The problem occurs because the content of the picture doesn't change. The only thing that changes is the space that content needs to fit within. So if I was to simply make the image shorter it would sill need to fit me in it and the net result might be something like this.You should be able to see that I've suddenly gained a few pounds. This is because the picture of me hasn't changed. All that has changed is the size of the space that the picture of me has to fit in. So in effect I've been squashed. I didn't feel a thing I promise.
If I had reduced the width of the image I would be squashed from the side instead making me appear thinner but stretched out.So what can we do to prevent this I hear you ask. Well what we need to do is resize the whole image including its contents rather than just the frame it fits within.We're quite lucky at The Tech Loungeto have quite a bit of very expensive software that allows us to do this type of image manipulation but it can be rather complicated and isn't for the faint hearted.There are however a whole bunch of websites that will do this for you free of charge and do a rather good job of it. One that we quite like is site allows you to quickly select an image from your computer or elsewhere on the web and resize it. You can also apply special effects and save it to a variety of common image formats.

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