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Introducing the Tech Lounge Installation and Set-Up Service

January 30, 2015

Did you know that whenever you order a new piece of hardware from The Tech Lounge we can offer you a fully comprehensive installation and set-up service?

Imagine that – ordering up a new laptop or computer for the office and having it delivered to you all set and ready to go. Now, doesn’t that sound like a pretty hassle free and time-saving way to get yourself up and running when you order in a new piece of kit?

Well, of course it does.

Quite simply, we’re always looking for ways to make our client’s lives that little bit simpler when it comes to their I.T. solutions.

Whether it’s peace of mind on security, preventative measures and servicing to keep hardware operational or delivering equipment that’s ready to go without need to spend all morning setting up – that’s what we’re all about.

Ok so how does this installation and set-up service work then?

Allow us to demonstrate by way of an example:

  1. Customer X (isn’t there always a customer X somewhere?) gets in touch with us and places an order for a new Lenovo X240 with an 8GB memory upgrade.
  2. Once customer X places the order we will then order from our suppliers on his behalf with specifications customised to the customer’s requirements.
  3. The laptop is then delivered to us at the Tech Lounge HQ whereby one of our trusted, diligent and generally lovely team members will open up the package and give the laptop a full inspection to ensure that it is not only in full working order and good condition but that it also meets the specifications as requested by customer X.
  4. When, and only when, we are completely satisfied that the laptop is in full working order we will get to work on making the requested upgrades. In this case, customer X has requested an 8 GB memory upgrade – so this is what we will provide.
  5. With the upgrade completed we will then put the laptop back together again and ensure that the battery is correctly installed.
  6. Next up we will give the newly upgraded laptop the once over to check all is in order and working as required. We’ll power it up and try all the installed software and programmes to ensure that they work correctly, making any software and application updates that may be required as we do so.
  7. Once the testing is complete and we’re completely satisfied that the laptop is working properly and to the specification that was ordered we’ll repack the item.
  8. Re-packed item is delivered to customer X
  9. Customer X smiles a big satisfied smile and gets to work straightaway with his fully operational and upgraded laptop.

Of course, we appreciate that our valued customers aren’t just in the market for laptops. Which is why we are more than happy to carry out this same, customised service on any piece of I.T. hardware that you’re looking to order; be it a Desktop PC, tablet or any other item you require.

Just give us a call and let us know exactly what it is that you need and we’ll take care of all that finicky installing stuff so that all you need to do when it arrives is turn the thing on a start using it.

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