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Preventative Maintenance for your I.T. System

December 15, 2015

Prevention is better than a cure, wouldn’t you agree?

It’s a true statement when it comes to our own personal health and it’s true also of our I.T. systems at work.

For so many business’ and office workplaces in the modern world, the system upon which computers and other forms of technology operate are integral to a smoothly running operation with staff and, quite likely, customers dependent on those systems working without a hitch. And when the I.T. system does fail, and even the tiniest gremlin in the works can cause an issue, then it can be a major hassle and, worse, a costly problem with which to face.

Of course, having a robust I.T. support provider in place is vital for these occasions, allowing you confidence that any issue can be resolved swiftly and without too much disruption to the business.

However, it should also be a matter of course that you look to a regimen of preventative maintenance for your system which can go a long way towards minimising the risk of I.T. failure before it happens.

Here are a few simple methods that your business can adopt to keep the risk of I.T problems to a minimum.

Good Cleaning Practice and Dust Control

We might not readily associate our office cleaning routine with our I.T system, yet believe it or not this can have a potentially significant role in the ongoing maintenance.

Both the hardware and the internal workings of a system are generally fairly robust but their performance can be dramatically compromised by dirt, grime and, in particular, dust.

If too much dust gets into the system it can cause problems, clogging up the working and causing some of the technology to malfunction. Using effective dust control and cleaning measures in and around your I.T. equipment can have a big impact on the ongoing health of your overall system.

Keep Software Up-to-Date

Whatever software and operating system your company uses it’s extremely important to ensure that you keep the software up to date. Be it Windows, Apple IOS, Adobe, Java, Wordpress or any other programme that you use, they will be routinely updated to improve their operation and, more importantly, to defend themselves against bugs, hacks or other nasties that might corrupt their system.

If you don’t update as and when prompted by these software providers (usually as a pop-up on your computer) then you are potentially adding risk to the working of your overall system.

Have Powerful Anti-Virus and Scanning Software Installed

As you would on your home computer, you should of course ensure that your system has some defence in place to protect it from malware and other virus’ which can wreak devastating damage to an I.T. system.

Ideally, this anti-virus software should be regularly checked and if necessary updated to ensure that it is always scanning properly and continually robust enough to detect and protect against ever changing new threats.

Regularly Check on the Condition of your Equipment

Using an I.T specialist to carry out regular check-ups on the physical condition of your hardware is also a crucial aspect of preventative maintenance. As with all equipment, time and general wear and tear is going to mean that some elements deteriorate and fail over time. Checking these on a regular basis, repairing and updating as you go can significantly reduce the risk of catastrophic failure further down the line.

Use the Expertise of an I.T. Expert

By hiring the services of I.T maintenance experts, signing up to a preventative programme can be a truly invaluable addition to your business, reducing the risk on your system and giving you peace of mind that a) your technology is being correctly looked after and b) should there be a problem with the system (and problems do occasionally occur even when well maintained) you will have a procedure in place, and experts on hand to ensure that the damage is kept to a minimum.

An I.T. consultant, such as here at Tech Lounge, will tailor a programme to meet the needs of your system, carrying out all the routine checks and prevention measures as well as delivering support when you need it most.

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