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Technology trends for 2016 that will help your business

January 29, 2016

At The Tech Lounge our philosophy is simple: we design IT support to meet your business needs. So rather than a roundup of the latest technology trends we’ve focused on the 6 areas of technology that have the potential to transform your business this year.

  1. Protecting your data. There have been several high profile security breaches recently including at Talk Talk which led to financial damage from lost customers and fines but also longer term reputational damage with further financial implications. Data security is something every company needs to talk seriously in terms of protecting your website and emails from malicious attacks but also training staff to minimise the risk of human error causing a security breach.
  2. Using technology to increase your effectiveness. Technology can help you make sense of your data and automation can significantly improve some of your business processes and increase efficiency. And as businesses start to think about growth and expansion, rather than simply survival which has been the focus for some in the last few years, now can be a good time to consider how you use technology to make the most of the data in your business.
  3. Mobile devices. The predominance of mobile, rather than PC, use by consumers means that many businesses are making sure that their communication activity is tailored to mobiles, whether that is through website, an app or use of social media channels reflecting the place where their customers, and potential customers, are active.
  4. Technology and manufacturing. 3D printing, although still very expensive, has real potential for manufacturing, particularly where the production run is very small or products are customised. Unless investment costs reduce significantly, however, this may be confined to outsourced manufacturing specialists.
  5. Using technology to improve processes. Still in their early stages but advances in artificial intelligence, virtual reality and innovations such as drones have the potential to help transform the way companies do business by enhancing information that is available as well as the way it is used.
  6. Bring Your Own Device. Mobile developments continue with wearable technology taking off in 2015 with the launch of the Apple Watch. Some employers may consider Bring Your own Device (BYOD) as a way to give employees a more flexible approach to IT, allowing them to use their own devices for work. This is not without its problems, however, and needs careful consideration to ensure policies give the company appropriate security protection and are clear about the level of IT support available to employees who use their own devices, as well as having a solution for employees who are unable or unwilling to provide their own technology.

Although sometimes it’s easy to get carried away by the brilliance of new technology, at the Tech Lounge our interest lies in how technology can be used to benefit your business – whether that’s by making things more efficient, saving you time or giving you a competitive advantage. So if you’ve got a business problem you want to solve get in touch to find out how technology can help you.

And if you are worried about your data security why not download our Staying Safe Online guide and share it with your staff.

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