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What's going on in your business?

May 16, 2016

Running a business is hard work. Keeping an eye on everything that is going on can be a full time job in it's own right.

Regular reports and team meetings can help, but here at The Tech Lounge we like to let the technology take the strain.


In order to see what is going on across the business in real time we utilise an online Dashboard from Cyfe ( which runs on a Mac Mini hooked up to a large wall mounted TV.

Cyfe allows us to put together a number of different Dashboard that rotate on a interval we set. We have the following Dashboards setup;

OPERATIONS - Zendesk, our ticketing system.

CUSTOMERS - Infusionsoft, our CRM System.

WEB SITE - Google Analytics, which provides us real time data on our website and its visitors.

SOCIAL MEDIA - Real time data from all our Social Media feeds.

It doesn't end there however. We can also utilise the Mac Mini / TV setup to display presentations and other content when we have meetings, using a wireless Keyboard and Mouse.

We also have an Apple TV and Google Chromecast setup to provide a variety of other connectivity and streaming options.

For example - If a customer comes in with an iPad or iPhone we can mirror the device on the TV screen utilising the AirPlay feature of the Apple TV.

Does this kind of setup sound like something your business would benefit from? Why not drop us a line today...

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